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I have utilized Audrey's website copy, copy editing and ghost-writing services. Audrey is extremely good with time management, organization, writing, and editing. She has been a life saver. - Anonymous


Kendric D. Neely, MPH.
Public Health Analyst

Audrey was such a blessing to me during my federal government job search on!  She was gracious enough to review and provide technical feedback to my resume. Her recommendations included awesome information that reflected exactly what government hiring officials are looking for in their candidates.  Additionally, Audrey provided me with guidance I still utilize to this day when applying to federal jobs, of looking at the specific job duties within the application and mirroring the specific “buzz words” within my applications. I truly believe Audrey not only has the experience and wisdom to provide technical assistance with resume and job searches, but the actual compassion for the success of others.

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Aynai Sy
Fashion Specialist

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️on being detailed orientated, customer service and being reasonably priced. I’m glad I was introduced to Audrey’s resume services while job hunting. I was mentally preparing to go on numerous interviews. However, with Audrey’s resume help I landed a gig on my first attempt.

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