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4-Week Mastery Program

The signature 4-week Personal Communication Mastery Program will help you accelerate and ace your communication & content creation skills.


Week 1 - Types of Writing, Organization of Writing/Elements of Writing, General Writing Process

Week 2 - Sentence structure, Grammar and Mechanics, Developing an Outline – General Writing

Week 3 - Your “Why”, Choose your best stories to use, Organizing your stories, Edit out everything but the best, Making your talk world-class, Outlining your final speech, Suggested practice schedule

Week 4 - Your “Why”, Write Your Book, Get feedback on your book before publishing, Choose a, Book Title, Hire an editor, Design a book cover that converts, Self-publishing your book (Lulu), Format your self-published book, Self-publish your book, Difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing, Price Your Book, Form a Launch Team, Get Reviews, Celebrate Learning how to self-publish a book

If you need a clarity conversation before enrolling, 
kindly email: or click on one of the social icons below.

Price: $3000 

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