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InstaFed Academy Series

Are you stuck with the federal job application process? Do you not know where to start? If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, you have landed in the right place. The InstaFed Academy walks you through the federal job application process. It covers the following topics: key words, interviewing for federal jobs, dealing with HR, (federal job application portal), the federal job application process, job announcements, grade level discussion, application manager questions, and more. See the first video in the series for free here. Also, do not forget to get a free copy of key words up above.

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Video 2: Common Mistakes and What You Need

This video covers key words and how to get in touch with HR.

Video 3: Addressing Common Mistakes and Getting Unstuck

This video covers overcoming the key words and HR struggle.

Video 4:
The Meat

This video covers an overview of; the federal job application process and timeline; job announcement analysis; grade level discussion; sample federal job announcement, application questionnaire and resume; building a federal resume; application manager questionnaire; HR follow-up techniques; and performance-based interviewing. 

Video 5: Summary and Q&A

This video covers a summary, a Q&A session with questions from previous broadcasts.